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We pride ourselves on offering a very personal service, and can work with customers to create a prototype design from a rough 2D or 3D sketch, or even a verbal brief. We can also help you to further develop and build upon existing design ideas.

Our CAD/CAM system is fully integrated into the manufacturing process via a range of CNC machine tools in the machine shop, giving us the potential to produce complex 3 dimensional shapes and forms which would have been almost impossible to create before this technology was available.

From the design and production of jigs and tools for assembly work or the manufacture of tools for press and injection moulding; to the production of cropping and piercing tools for the window industry or multi stage progression press tools for the electronic industries, we are able to help.

We offer a variety of in house engineering services such as milling, turning, toolmaking, spark erosion, fabrication and welding; and we can machine all plastics and metals (ferrous & non ferrous) castings or bar.

In addition, we seek to build long term relationships with our customers and can offer a local breakdown service on machinery if required.

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